As we work through the Ranger Handbook it is important to keep track of the acronyms and abbreviations used throughout. Here is a handy reference if you lose track.

1SG- First Sergeant

AO- Area of Operation

CASEVAC- Casualty Evacuation

CCIR- Commander's Critical Information Requirements

CCP- Casualty Collection Point

CP- Command Post

FO- Forward Observer

FRAGO or FRAGORD- Fragmentary Orders

HQ- Headquarters

IR- Information Requirements

KIA- Killed In Action

LP- Listening Post

METT-TC- Mission, Enemy, Terrain/Weather, Troops available, Time available, Civil considerations

NLT- No Later Than

OAKOC- Observation/Fields of Fire, Avenues of approach, Key terrain, Obstacles, Cover/Concealment

OP- Observation Post

OPORD- Operations Order

ORP- Objective Rally Point

PIR- Priority Intelligence Requirements

PL- Platoon Leader

PSG- Platoon Sergeant

RTO- Radio Telephone Operator (or sometimes just Radio Operator)

SITREP- Situation Report

SL- Squad Leader

TL- Team Leader

WARNORD- Warning Order

WIA- Wounded In Action

WSL-  Weapons Squad Leader

XO- Executive Officer