There was a great thread a few weeks ago started by Lafayette Lee where people were sharing moto music and it seemed a good idea to capture it in a more permanent setting. Spotify playlists seemed the easiest and we asked people to share them here. If you wish to be added to this pile let Gruntpa know or send us an email. When you send that message make sure to give us the Spotify link and let us know if you want it attributed or have some words you want shared to explain influences, intended purpose, etc. Happy listening!

The next playlist came from Night Cap, who said he discovered a lot of content from wrmfzy.

Taking a different tack from the usual rock/metal/rap playlists you would expect for 'goon tunes,' BowRegardRipPee made for us a playlist featuring Country & Western music. He says he likes to listen to it when he heads out west on the road for work.

If you enjoyed this post or if you have music to feature let us know by sending us a message. We would love to feature it here.