Twitter and other platforms are undergoing a purge and while we sort out what to do and where to go, we have created a place for you to maintain contact with your frens. The Assembly Area is a closed forum that can only be accessed after an account is requested and has been approved after vetting.

Now before you go and create this account understand something important. While this is a safe space for speech it is not a free for all. There are terms, conditions, guidelines, protections, etc that are all available for review once joined. These will describe what is allowed or not, as well as what you should know as you interact with others. Also, you should protect yourself on this platform like you would any other. As always you should use a VPN when accessing websites. Also, we support multi-factor authentication and we strongly encourage you to set it up when your account is approved.

Currently applications are open for joining us. We will soon close it to invitation only. When you make it in make sure to introduce yourself.

Come join and help us figure out what is going on, who survived the jump, and what is the next objective.